Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 1, 2009

Lunchtime Work

After lunch today, I went ahead and took down the 240V and 120V sockets that were strung from the house & garage, and wire-tied to the carport. My daughter and I also took do the twin coax cables that were run from the house through the carport and over to the RV port. We also took down the tension cables that were holding both up in the air between the garage, house, and carport. The result? A cleaner view out the window, and a safer carport. The carport still has the official outdoor sockets with covers, and lights with switch that were installed correctly (and run underground to the breaker box). All I did was take down the rigged wiring.

Without those wires running everywhere, it feels just a little bit more like the country. It also reminds me how nice it would be to get disconnected from the grid, and thus get rid of the line coming from the utility pole.

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