Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 6, 2009

A Little Taste Of Heaven And Other Items Of Interest

I’m not sure I can effectively communicate what I’m feeling, other than what the title says. We were invited to two homes today, one for lunch, and one for dinner. The two families that invited us were from our church. We had an amazing and refreshing time at each, full of stories, and laughter, and food, and reflection on how great God is. This is on top of the homemade Big Red/Strawberry ice cream that was made on our front porch by another church member this past week, which is still being eaten by our family on a daily basis.

Maybe I can best express myself thusly: if heaven was merely:

[the hospitality we have been shown] X [eternity]

…that would be enough. Our family has been so included, so accepted, so loved since we arrived here. Not only is it sweet fellowship (shout out to Keith Lancaster there), but it is peace. Over six hours of life were filled with worry-free joy today, thanks to our wonderful new family. I can’t wait to be able to do the same for someone else, and be able to say, “I remember when we were the new family”.

In other news:

I finally got a 2-gallon gas can, and gas for the brush hog. If the weather holds, I’ll get some more of the field done tomorrow after work. (Yes, I’m working on Labor Day!)

I did get all of the front yard mowed last night in time for the sunset. I was hustling to get it done. I had about five minutes of sun and ten rows left, and I was tired. Then, out of nowhere, my friend Brannon appeared right next to me via my imagination. I could here him yelling at me in his fired-up, encouraging voice, “Come on Brad! Ten rows, five minutes. That’s 30 seconds each! Let’s go! People are coming to see the sunset, and they don’t want the view to be ruined by this tall grass! Let’s move, let’s move, let’s move!” Because of him, I got it done in time to enjoy the sunset with my family. Thanks Brannon! (By the way, that’s the leftover effects of discipleship: he’s still motivating me, even though he’s not here. Awesome.)

All weekend, we have heard the low rhythmic thumping of the concerts going on just a couple miles away from us at Super C Ranch. I had no idea who or what was going on, but we’ve been loving the distant sound of fun! Tonight when we got home, we could see the bright lights over the southern valley treeline. It ends up that Super C Ranch is owned and operated by Adam Carrillo, a champion bull rider. You can find out about the ranch and labor day at the lake here and here . Very cool.

Got briefed on helping out with the Awana program. It’s going to be so good!

Men’s lunch tomorrow at the church. I’m anxious to go meet with my fellow warriors.

Looking forward to grabbing a beverage with the Pastor this week just to get caught up. Let there be deep conversation, in Jesus’ name!

Wanting to start a small group in our living room. Need to ask God about when, as there are many things people are already busy with. Hmm. Might need to get some chairs.

Good night, and may God bless you with eagerness to step out of the boat.


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