Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 12, 2009

Great Weekend

From great meetings to watching my son’s determination in digging through rock to make a fire pit, to the much needed endless hours of rain that we have received, it has been a great weekend.

Our little pond is actually full to the top. That’s 20′ X 12′ X 7′ deep (maybe 8). By my calculations, that’s around 12,600 gallons of water. Of course, three-quarters of it was stagnant before the rain, so it ain’t drinking water, that’s for sure! (Though apparently, a dear, a racoon, and a pack of coyotes thought so, since their tracks were at the water’s edge before the rains.)

We thought there was a 2′ X 4′ X 2′ deep rock at one edge of the fire pit we were digging, but it turns out that it’s just compressed clay and rock sediment. It still is a lot of work to break apart, but the good news is the fire pit can go exactly where we wanted it.

I continue to be very thankful for the church, the community, the quiet, and God’s presence. Looking forward to bringing the gift of worship tomorrow!


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