Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 14, 2009

Rain And Reactions

Our house has received over 7 inches of rain over the weekend. If I was in the city, I imagine after the first hour of rain, the news readers on TV would be saying, “When will this wet weather end?!? The weather report is next.” Some of my city-dwelling friends have even been trained to follow suit, and they become very negative after more than two days of rain.

But you won’t here any of that from a farming community. The proper relationship of man and rain is understood. Rain is a blessing, one that is necessary for life. And you don’t complain about blessings!

Our reactions to events depend on the environment we’re used to. Consider my reaction today:

I am on a business trip right now. God has really been propping me up lately with words, thoughts, and things to meditate on. The only time that I have experienced that in the past is when He was setting me up for a training session that involved pain, sweat, and tears. So my reaction to all of this interaction with God was, “Uh oh. What are you about to take me through?” But He reminded me on the drive out here that this is a different season, one in which I can be part of the solution, not the problem. So, His encouragement and interaction in this season is not in preparation for a difficult trial, but more like a coach saying, “Remember everything I’ve taught you? It’s go time! Get in there and do just like I showed ya!”

To those of you who are upset about all the rain: please rethink that reaction to what is actually a blessing. Don’t grumble like the Israelites in the desert! If you like pools, showers, glasses of water, sweet tea, sodas, ice skating, or living, give thanks for the rain. It’s meant to save your life, not interrupt it.

And to me: why do I still think difficulties are for me to handle? Have I not been trained to be a solution? Honor God by using His strength to walk into a situation, confident that God will provide for whatever happens. The days of Him bringing me through trials to teach me the basics about the Kingdom are over. These are the days of being used as a tool! Trials, but a different kind in need of a different reaction. Do better, me!


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