Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 20, 2009

There Is No Charge For Awesomeness

So my business trip to Midland was one of the most productive weeks I’ve ever had, in a very busy environment. Awesome.

And, I was able to reconnect with some important folks over the weekend. Also awesome.

With worry behind me, and new pieces of my destiny painted in front of me, I fix my eyes on the coming week, eager for more good work to get done.

Brush hogging is done for now. While I was wondering about how to maintain the field without the proper equipment, God said very clearly: “Give the church an opportunity to share.” At first I argued because i didn’t want to move into town as “the needy family”. But as we are immersed into the church community, I’m starting to see how sharing is a natural state for this congregation. Denying someone the opportunity to share is just as bad as taking advantage of a giving spirit. There is a sweet balance that always gets paid forward, so that next time somebody moves to town and they need their field mowed, I can step up and volunteer. If I have a mower by then. Or any other yard equipment for that matter. (All of my electric powered suburban equipment is only useful around the house.)

We had our first official overnight visitor this weekend, and had a great time. We’re looking forward to hosting more of our city friends as they come to the country for rest and revelation. And work. I’ve decided that a visit to the country is not complete without the opportunity to do work, so all future visiting families will have the opportunity to help stack firewood, or harvest rocks, or mend fences, or trim shrubs, or paint, or some other noble activity. Bring your young men to us, and they won’t go home complaining about chores!

Each day is full of surprises, fixes, prayers, dreams, adventures, and sunsets. As it should be. Thank you, God, for leading us here!


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