Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 22, 2009

Quick Update

Though only 60 degrees this morning, it was cold to me. It made me realize that we need to start buying firewood so it’s more gentle on the budget, rather than an emergency purchase when its colder (and prices are potentially higher). I want to test our wood burning stove and burn off any beginning-of-season smells while the windows can still be opened.

I’m also reminded that God did not send me here because I was prepared, but because He wants me to walk out whatever adventure He has for me – be it rain, snow, or any other type of weather. So many of us city men lack the proper adventurous spirit, and I’m happy to be chosen for this special-ops training. Maybe by the time I die I will be a Real Man™ from the country.

Had some church folk over tonight, and had a wonderful time. In addition to looking at the moo through the telescope and talking about what raccoon meat tastes like, they helped us figure out some plumbing problems, and we might even have hot water in the front of the house by this weekend! Which means I need to see if I can find a sediment filter for the front shower head, though it’s not as bad as it used to be. We did break the water shut-off valve in our washer because I forgot about the sediment. Looks like the whole house sediment filter just rose a couple of notches on the to-do list.

Very tired. Need to get up early and meet with God and give Him some praise and thanks.


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