Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 23, 2009

Different Every Day

I have now seen enough sunrises to know that they are different every day. Even if they seem look exactly the same, they will at least be different in one respect: the exact time they occur. This morning was overcast with some breaks at the horizon to reveal some pinks and reds, with some spots of blue here and there overhead. While the nations rage on the surface of the earth, the sky continues peacefully overhead.

I have so much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to, and a day full of work to enjoy. According to Solomon, I am one of the most blessed men on earth. But it’s not because of my hard work, or my ability to handle my finances well, or because I know all the right people. I simply know God, and listen, and follow. And I don’t even do that well!

But like the sunrise, God’s mercies are new and different every day. With that in mind, I run wholeheartedly towards the sunset side of today, eager for another gift tomorrow.



  1. Love it! Love you!

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