Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 26, 2009

A City Boy Learns How Not To Smoke Indoors

With our first cool snap, we decided to test the primary source of heat in our house – the wood-burning stove. I wanted to test it while it was still warm enough to open the windows in case of any problems. Apparently that was the extent of my wisdom in this case.

We started with a small fire of twigs. And while it acted a little like the flue was closed, and a little smoke was coming out of the box, I felt like it was more because i was unfamiliar with the equipment more than anything.

To make sure, we built a slightly bigger fire the next night. The flames were definitely struggling, but what caught our collective eye was the smoke coming out of the stovepipe where it net the ceiling. Clogged for sure.

We went out on the roof the next day, and sure enough there was a bird’s nest in the top of the stovepipe. Our pipe didn’t have a screen around the top of it, so we would have to fix that. We took the pipe apart to find that the bird was not an engineer. As the nest slid down the pipe from the top, the bird would just keep adding to it. We pulled around six feet of straw out of the stovepipe.

Lesson to city boy: at least look at the pipe before starting the season’s first fire. And yes, the smoke smell is mostly gone from our living room.


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    • Thanks for reading! Is the REIT website yours? Do you have a blog? You can email me at web[at]bradstanford[dot]com if you don’t want to post it publicly…

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