Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 16, 2009

The Continuing Saga Of Provision

I now have access to all the firewood I will need for this season (I think). It’s going to take some work (lots of cutting) but it’s just laying there, waiting for me. God is so good to us!

He’s also reminding me not to worry about the other things in the “need provision” queue. (and why the double ue in queue?) Unexpected dental appointments, glasses repairs, internet service provider changes (so I can actually do remote work from home), car repairs, house repairs – all of these things are already provided for.

The practical result for our family is that I can focus on doing the work, rather than finding the stuff. The hour I would’ve spent on calling firewood sellers (and the time spent on rearranging the budget to account for it!) can now be used to cut the wood and move it – a far more rewarding task physically and mentally.

My nature is to encourage people. This whole blog is about encouraging people. For those dairymen around me that read this, they are encouraged by the fact that computery people like me aren’t necessarily smart about everything. I hardly know the first thing about living in harmony with nature, and how to prepare for it. In this regard they are far smarter, and work far more efficiently than me. It doesn’t bother me to be the fool, especially when it lifts others up.

Or maybe my waiting on God has encouraged others decide to wait for provision rather than scramble for it. Maybe that was the breakthrough they needed. I’m glad I could be a part of that.

But I do want to through this out: I’m not writing this as if everyone should do or think what I’m doing or thinking. Your provision is not going to come from following the steps of Brad Stanford. Your provision is going to come to God via whatever mechanism He has set up for you. And as you can read here, there is not a destination when it comes to provision. Dealing with daily needs is just that – daily. But if you’re with God, there provision will be also. When the 5,000 got fed, it was only those who were there with Jesus, trying to get more of Him. People who stayed back in town didn’t get the free food or see the miracle, or hear the teaching. Stick with Jesus – He is your provision, whatever shape it may take.

And speaking of the 5,000, while it’s cool to get fed by Jesus, I would like to be more like the boy who had the lunch that Jesus blessed. What kind of faith does it take to hand over your only lunch, confident that it will come back to you with increase? Oh, that I might become part of the provision process, rather than just an eater thereof!

I believe that day is coming for us. That’s why we were put in Dublin. Our next level of glory is to become provision for others while enjoying the leftovers from the flow. Because even when the cake batter is poured out of the bowl and into the pan, there is still some leftovers in the bowl. And when was the last time you saw a malnourished baker?

Bring it!

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