Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 19, 2009

New To Me

One of the sites I frequent mentioned Luke 13, where Jesus tells the parable of the fig tree. I honestly didn’t recognize it. And right after that is where he heals a lady whose back had been bent for 18 years. I didn’t recognize that one either, except for the mentioning of the tower that fell and killed 18 people.

But as I read, I had the distinct feeling that these passages had been unimportant to me, or had not fit my younger theology. In any event, it was evidence of my former Pharisee life, having sight, but never seeing. It was like an out-of-body experience for a moment, and then it was gone.

But the second feeling that washed over me was pure joy and excitement. I was so happy to have a story that I didn’t recognize as if, in that moment, Jesus was brand new and totally real to me. It was like God breathing the breath of life directly into my nostrils. It was all I wanted!

This is why God wants us to be in an offensive mode, rather than a defensive one. In my prior defensive mode, I had to have all the right answers, and I didn’t have time to meditate on something that might upset my beliefs because I wa way too busy upsetting the beliefs of others.

But now that God has taught me how to follow rather than lead, I get to look around a bit more. It’s like when you’re driving, you can’t take time the time to absorb the scenery as it goes by. You are responsible for driving the car, and you can’t stare out the side window for hours on end. Yet, if you’re the passenger, you can focus on looking at every inch of beauty that can be found in every place you go.

If you’re still driving, I highly recommend that you pull over and let God take His rightful place. You know that responsibility-free vacation we all want? You know that retirement that everybody shoots for? You can have that right now if you’ll ride in the passenger seat. I know, I know, you’ve tried it before. But this time, instead of complaining about how God drives, why don’t you look out the window, and talk to Him about where He wants to go? I think you’ll find the drive much more enjoyable.

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