Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 22, 2009

How To Become Wealthy Overnight, Without Answering Any Emails From Nigeria

We all know this, don’t we?

The wealthiest people alive are those who receive each minute with grace, whether it’s a difficult minute or an easy one. The good minutes they receive with thankfulness, and the difficult minutes they receive soberly, with reflection on how the rain falls on the good and the bad.

People who are trying to achieve an unrealistic measure of wealth (whatever their definition of wealth is) always complain that they don’t deserve the difficult minutes, and there aren’t enough good ones to go around.

The people who consider themselves to be wealthy consider the good minutes to be the undeserved ones, and the bad minutes normal for anyone who is alive.

People who win the lottery are almost guaranteed to be poor again soon after. That’s because they didn’t live a wealthy lifestyle before they won it. Since they never learned to appreciate and handle troubles, they can’t handle the money. They expect money to alleviate their troubles. Money comes with trouble of its own, though.

If you don’t feel wealthy in spite of the massive number of breaths you have spent, how will a 401k change that?

The same hurry that makes you angry in traffic as you drive to go earn some wealth, is the same hurry that has stolen thousands of missed moments that could have shown you how wealthy you already are.

If you decide in advance that you already have received more than you deserve, then even the tiniest gift from the most insignificant source is like pure gold. You’ll understand that stability is not found in an unlimited availability of funds, but your availability to love others, unlimitedly. You will see overflow, where you thought there was deficit.

How do you imagine you would react to life’s difficulties if money were no object? Then act like that, even if you have no money. Wealth is not about buying whatever whenever, or being free to not work, or having an endless supply of food.

Wealth is a state of mind that places thankfulness as the top priority, the ability to give to others as the second, and an honest opinion of oneself as the last. By this measure, we are not the wealthiest nation in the world, though we have every reason to be.

This thanksgiving week, I encourage you to trade your day (or two, or four) of escape for a sober evaluation of how wealthy you are. If you did, you might be able to finish the year with joy. Sure, you’re looking forward to the party, the distraction, the pain relief. But what’s better: four days of pain relief, or contentment all year?

All it takes is a change in your thinking, in which thankfulness becomes your lifestyle, rather than the emotional result of everything going your way.

This year, you have the opportunity to become wealthy overnight. Please take it.



  1. Great post. I’ve often thought about lottery winners not having a lifestyle that would allow them to remain wealthy. But I’ve never applied it further to a life of thanksgiving allowing us to grow deeper into that same lifestyle.

  2. Great points Brad. Appreciate all you do brother.

    Absolutely believe what your saying.

    Of course some “rich” people money wise would say that’s just what poor people say, right?

    Why is it such a secret that we are so blessed? Why is it so easy to see the difficulties in life and so hard to see the blessings? Weird huh..

    Do you think you can be rich and poor at the same time?

  3. Great Brad. thankful for you this morning…


  4. Wonderful piece thanks Brad – may you and the family have a truly extra-special Thanksgiving!

  5. Brad,
    Excellent post! Very well put and timely. You have once again hit the nail on the head with your insights into this journey we call life!

    Thank you,

  6. This is excellent! Thanks for this timely reminder that we are so very wealthy already! Love you!

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