Posted by: Brad Stanford | December 8, 2009

Learning, Experimenting And Moving Forward

All of these involve risk.

If you begin learning things, you might find truth. You might find out that the truth is different than what you’ve been told. You might even have to give up some things or change others because of your new found knowledge. It’s risky to learn.

If you begin trying new things, you’re going to stumble across a discovery. That discovery will lead to learning. See above.

If you try to move forward or make progress, you will find out what you don’t know. And if you want to get past what you don’t know, you’ll have to learn and experiment. See above.

All three of these force you to take the red pill*. You will never be the same, nor will the world around you ever be the same. But most people have been taught to make things stay the same, for the sake of escaping pain. The truth is, no one gets to escape pain:

  • You work for a company for 40 years, retire with pay, only for the company to have changed while you stayed the same. The pull the plug on your pension.
  • You focus on your family and trying to keep everything the same only for everyone to grow up around you and change. The family falls apart.
  • Your parents live a standard life. You live a standard life. No troubles, really. Your parents still die.
  • You eat right, you exercise, and you still die.

If we know that pain of some kind is certain, why not make this pain work for us? Lifting weights and getting hit in the face are both painful. But lifting weights has an advantage, getting hit in the face has little to no advantage, depending on the scenario. So if you have the choice, why not lift weights?

Lifting the weights of learning, experimenting and moving forward is very difficult. And yet, they are to your advantage. If you’re not lifting weights, you’re probably setting yourself up to be hit in the face by someone who is. Pain either way, so choose well.

If you have been sitting still in order to avoid pain, quit fooling yourself. All you’re doing is making a soft landing place for those who are stumbling forward. Rather, be the one stumbling, because one day you will get your footing.

And it’s going to be gooooood.

*The red pill is a Matrix reference. The red pill caused people to leave the Matrix and enter reality.



  1. I culdn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for this today!

    • Can you tell my keyboard lost it’s signal right I was trying to type “could”???

  2. Could you tell my wife that Brad? hahaha..

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