Posted by: Brad Stanford | December 22, 2009


Someone once shared with me the phrase, “Don’t tell me about the storms at sea. Just bring me in the ship.” Another variation I’ve heard is, “Don’t tell me about the storms at sea, just tell me when the ships will come in.” The latter seems more accurate – it sounds like a business owner who is trying to keep things together in a business where so much is out of his control.

On second thought, that’s every business. And every family. and every person.

And how often do we spend our time trying to get control of something that’s out of our control? In fact, we tend to think of it as regaining control. That’s simply reinforcing a fallacy. Storms are never under our control.

I know, I know. This is not a new idea. So why do we panic every time a storm comes up? I would love to be the steely-eyed captain who stands at the wheel, taking the storm on the chin, pipe clenched between the teeth. But I have yet to learn how to do that, despite all my tests, all my scars, and all that God has delivered me through. I don’t want to take the same test over and over! I just want to pass it and move on to the next thing!

And yet, the clouds begin to build, I hear the thunder in the distance, I see the flashes of lightning, I feel the winds change, and my stomach turns over.

Not another one.

I just quit sputtering from the last one. My ship is in disrepair. I’m hungry and cold. When will these storms end? Well, they won’t. But the way we’re supposed to get through them is together. Through community, and service, and doing everything as a team.

I wish I could tell you exactly how to do that, but I can’t. It’s different everywhere because people are different. But the answer is there if you ask. It’s just that most of us have been programmed to do it ourselves, so we don’t ask. Society tells us to get it together and then we can show ourselves as acceptable. God says that Jesus is acceptable, that He has it all together for us.

Now all that’s left to do is believe in the one who walks on top of the storm to meet me in the middle of the storm.

Come, Lord Jesus.


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