Posted by: Brad Stanford | June 1, 2010

Will The Real Indiana Jones(es) Please Stand Up?

Lately I have begun to notice a trend. Actually, it’s more like normality that I’m just now able to put into words.

Christians who like to discuss Christianity tend to do exactly what the Pharisees did: memorize, quote, and argue over the commentaries written by previous Pharisees. They were way too busy with their own opinions to see Jesus when he showed up.

Church debaters today love their commentaries. They quote this author and that, agree with this viewpoint or that. Rarely anymore do I hear someone in those circles speaking from experience with their God that reflects what He said in Scripture.

In other words, there’s a whole lot of talk, but very little life experience to back it up.

Or put another way: I refuse to listen to clean-shaven men who wish to tell me how to properly care for my beard.

The commentary we are intended to read is the one God has for us out in the real world, obeying His commands. It’s not a call to hide behind someone else’s experience. It’s a call to action. And it is action that is specifically for you, and no one else. You get to see the side of God that He intends for you to see, and that’s it. The church is supposed to come together and share everything that they’ve experienced, to the glory of God, and the edification of the body.

Instead, we have a lot of armchair philosophers who find it much easier (and indeed it is) to align themselves with long-dead authors, rather than following God to the edge, the returning to the body to report on all they’ve seen and experienced.

Where are the spiritual adventurers? Where are the point men? Where are the experienced Sherpas?

And we wonder why there is so much arguing. No one knows what they’re doing. They scour the scriptures because they think that within them they will find God. But Scripture is full of instructions on who to look for, and how to go about looking for Him. But the destination can not be found on the signpost.

Perhaps this week would be a good time for everyone to fall silent and reconsider who they live for. Some are living for the glory of “restoring” the church. Some live for the glory of being right. Others live for the glory of their denomination.

I pray that this week, you will know what it’s like to be living for the glory of God. It’s the difference between watching Indiana Jones, and being Indiana Jones. While would-be adventurers sit and argue over how big a lion really is, a real adventurer reclines on his lion-skin rug, and silently – and soberly – reflects on the scars found on his body.

Which one are you, really?




  1. Well said!

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