Posted by: Brad Stanford | June 23, 2010

It’s My Life

You would think that I would have more time to write. There are bloggers out there who are able to post daily, and work a real job, and go on vacations, and…

Wait a minute. Did I just compare myself to someone else again? Life must be happening. Stress makes us forget. This is the life God has given me, and He never said it would be just like anyone else’s. I have to remember to define it by His leading, not by mine. That’s difficult on relaxed days, much less when the fur is flying!

As much as I would like to write, it’s not as important as family, or creating some other content, or doing a good job for my employer, or whatever higher priority there might be. That is the way of it.

In my few years on earth, I’ve learned that God has specific times for specific activities, and no amount of good intentions or scheming can change it. Better to just be able to read the radar, and go after each bogey as it comes to you, rather than you figuring out how to get you to it.

So as much as I want to finish the Spirit 101 series, I must also not forget to live. But sure enough, there will be more to come, so stay tuned.


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