Posted by: Brad Stanford | August 3, 2010

Work Is A Lot Of Work

The book editing is taking longer than I wanted.

When I compose a (thoughtful) comment on a blog, I’ll sometimes spend up to thirty minutes making sure a) it needs to be said at all and b) I’m saying what needs to be said clearly. Well, editing a book ends up being just like that, except across hundreds of paragraphs. It’s involved, to say the least.

When it’s done it will be completed, right?

In other news, I mowed for the first time in a month or two last night. Mostly because our plague of grasshoppers has kept everything short and brown for me. Not such a bad deal really. They mostly left the garden alone, which is interesting. But they’ve covered the yucca plants and chewed them to bits, not that I mind. It just looks strange.

If you haven’t heard, I’m trying to get a snow-cone/coffee shack together, reflecting a year-round business plan. Looks like the ice shavers are pretty ‘spensive, Lucy. And I really want one that makes “snow” rather than just chunks of ice. I’m still shopping. If you have any advice, leave a comment.

I’m also doing some work for the Veldhuizen Cheese shop. If you have not visited this little piece of heaven on earth, you really need to. Fresh eggs, raw milk, and the best cheese on the planet. If you know of a three- to five-star restaurant that is in need of incredible cheese, let me know! I’ll pass it along.

I’ll write more about the Spirit in the future. I also plan on returning to some Adventures Of Dairyland in the next 6 months as things start to get interesting.

More soon…


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