Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 6, 2010


If you’re in Christendom at lage for any length of time, you might get tired of the word (or idea of) seasons.

The idea of a “season” is one of those Christian concepts that can easily be abused. It can be used by a person or group as an excuse for less-than-desired results for a given period of time. For instance, if the phrase, “We’re in a season of transition…” is used repetitively, then something is chronically wrong that needs to be addressed.

The idea of seasons, though, is not wrong. We’re surrounded by them. We keep time by them. God ordains both micro and macro patterns that we are to align with, and operate within. Getting inside of God’s timing is one of the most important steps towards contentment.

Think of orbits, tides, breezes, daylight, even math – there is the cycling of in and out, light and dark, positive and negative. It is the cycling of these opposites (oscillations) that we call seasons, patterns, or timing. The universe is full of oscillations, because that’s how the Kingdom functions as well. We all know of the passage in Ecclesiastes where Solomon talks about a time for everything under the sun. Locking in on God’s timing is a sure way to get rid of many of our ills.

Right now, we have our fifth baby on the way. At 38, people tend to say, “You’re crazy!” when we tell them we’re expecting again. But we’re confident that the Lord is telling us to do this. One of the things He told me was that this is a season of birth for us across the board – family, marriage, ministry, business.

The last time I received a word like that was before we moved here. Two years before we came to Dublin, He told me that we were in the “taxi out” year, and to prepare for take off. A year later, we were in Benbrook. “Position and hold” is what that’s called in pilot lingo (which is about to be replaced by “line up and wait”). That’s where you can see the runway, and you can see the airplane ahead of you taking off, but it’s not quite your turn yet.

After that, we took off and came to Dublin!

To continue the flight analogy, all we’ve really done is left the ground, and pulled the wheels up. We’re not yet up to our assigned altitude, nor are we at cruise speed. And we’ve already had to deal with multiple in-flight emergencies! But if God says we’re on our way, then that’s the phase we’re in. I’m certainly enjoying the sight of the past chapters of life falling away from us like the ground does when your plane climbs like a homesick angel.

The “in-flight” emergencies aren’t over yet, either. There are always difficult things to deal with in every phase. If you’re busy trying to set life up to where you have no more problems, then you will always be disappointed. If you’re in tune with what God is doing and about to do, then you can properly plan and brace for what you have to deal with next. And if it’s trouble, you can rest in the assurance that God trusts you to reflect Him well in the trouble He’s given you to deal with.

This life is not about avoiding seasons, but going through them. I don’t know why. It’s God game, God’s rules. But I do know that people are most content when they are in tune with the ebb and flow of the Kingdom.

Crying about how hot it is during the summer does not change the distance from the earth to the sun, or the angle of the earth’s axis. Being thankful for the current season, however, decreases the distance from you to God, and changes your axis to more align with His. It is during the arid times that we discover His presence is like a cool drink in a dry and weary land. Next time we find ourselves parched, we know where to turn. The time after that, we’ll remember how not to become parched in the first place.

And before you know it, we’re in sync with His seasons.



  1. Brad…thanks for the blog. It spoke to me.

  2. *nods* Yep.

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