Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 5, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

It’s finally done! I can’t believe it! My book: [Expletive Deleted] – A Christian Man’s Guide To Getting Off The Pornography Carousel is done!

You can head on over to and and purchase it. All of the proceeds go to develop a facility for single moms called Hope Canyon. The goal of Hope Canyon is to help single moms get on their own two feet, and  leave government assistance behind. And all you have to do to help is buy a book! Isn’t that easy?

The book completely destroys the Christian myth that feeling guilty and fleeing is the best defense against pornography. In spite of our accountability groups and heavy-handed website guardian tools, some 70% of Christian men and 40% of Christian women are still addicted to pornography! My book explains why, and what to do about it. Whether you’ve struggled with addiction, or just wondered how to help a love one who is trapped, this book explains what you need to know about the mechanics of the enemy’s most effective weapon against us.

Please check it out today!

And tell everyone you know!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your book. It looks like it’s worth a read.

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