Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 10, 2010

Of Work And Waves

After a famine of a summer, business is picking up again. And it’s not just a trickle, but a tsunami. It’s a little intimidating, honestly.

(Of course, there seems to be a deeper depression in front of us, but it remains to be seen how it will play out. So there might be more famine, who knows.)

In the meantime, while I love to meditate on how God works in our lives, I’m also fully aware of the little daily life things. For instance, I have half of a garage to take down. I have chickens that need attention (and some that need cooking). I have a pole barn that needs to be moved. There is a spring garden to plan for. There are car parts to be fixed. There is a leak in the roof that has a simple but inaccessible fix. And there are rocks to be moved. And the new firewood racks to be rigged (“built” is too gracious a word).

In all of this work, I can quickly get overwhelmed.

Truth is, in those moments, I see no joy in the work. The actual few seconds it takes to lift a rock and move it seem wasted. Isn’t there something more funner to be doing?

But when I think about why I’m here (for someone else), and how I got here (not in my own power), it dawns on me: I have the authority and approval to do what needs to be done.

So I look at the wave of work coming, and instead of thinking, “Aw, nuts,” I’m beginning to think, “Awwwwwww, yeah! Where’s my surfboard?”


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