Posted by: Brad Stanford | July 9, 2012

Crazy Time

My life is becoming like that of a rock star, minus the fame and residual album sales. So many things are happening each day, I might need someone just to be in charge of scheduling!

This morning I’m going to the court house to be present at a proclamation that is going to be presented on behalf of Georgia Scott, who is our Elector (member of the electoral college) for Congressional District 11 in Texas. Georgia is a wonderful lady who will represent us well, and it’s exciting that our district’s Elector is coming from my county!

I learned a lot about growing my own food from a local friend of mine who has shown me just how much food can be grown on less than 2 acres. He even had bananas growing in Texas! I didn’t think that was possible. I’m looking forward to reclaiming my land for growing food.

He also returned my attention to geodesic domes. There is a company in Italy, Texas, that builds domes, and has been doing so since the 70s. Being storm proof, low cost, and requiring very little energy to maintain a constant temperature inside, I’m starting to think about having at least one dome on the property.

But those plans will have to wait on me to get through this season of busy-ness! Better feast than famine.


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