Posted by: Brad Stanford | July 13, 2012

A New Chapter Begins, Right On Time

I’m turning 40 in a few days. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. I have high expectations for the post 30s era of my life, and I’m starting off with zero disappointments:

  • Starting Monday, I’ll be transitioning into the position of Director of the Chamber Of Commerce for Dublin, TX. It’s a very challenging an exciting time to take this position, and it’s a great honor to be given the chance to pour my energies into making Dublin a heaven on earth for business.
  • My wife and I have started the Free Range Cheese Company. We’re going to be distributing cut-and-wrapped  Veldhuizen Cheese to the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin markets. We already have orders coming in!
  •  I’m also getting to do some really fun work in FileMaker Pro, much of which will bring peace and order to various business processes across the US. That’s a really cool thought.

But I would be completely remiss to disregard how many people have supported me on the way here. My parents and my in-laws take a very special place in my life for never giving up on me, and continually blessing my family with what we need in season and out of season. I have super awesome (and patient!) clients who appreciate what I do, and pay for the work. I have fellow developers who keep me both challenged and in check. I have wonderful new friends in town who have given me a vote of confidence to help lead the town into this new century.

And I have a family who is willing to put up with me as I handle the life-schedule of a developing public persona, political activist, and businessman, all in one.

This new chapter is undeniably sponsored by all of you in my life who have given so much to me over the years. History will record that my story is by no means about a self-made man. It is about an imperfect sod whom God saw fit to surround with people who give.

I am deeply grateful. I pray that my life proves to be a fabulous return on your investment.


  1. Brad, I love you man! Godspeed to all of it. Grace and peace and blessings and honor to you!

  2. You rock Mr. Stanford. I am proud to know you.

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