Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 6, 2012

Out And Back

As a believer in Jesus, I have one purpose only, and that is to take on the daily assignments I’m given. That doesn’t mean I hear from God every day. It does mean that I have to choose to focus on what’s most important.

That’s definitely felt like a hit-or-miss proposition to me lately.

I have a LOT to do, and many people depending on me. There is always pressure to do the busy work and tend to my mental and spiritual needs later. But after a couple of months of ten to fourteen hour days, I think I’m ready to make a shift. I’ve been in startup mode with the Chamber Of Commerce, just figuring out what the job is, and what it should be. I sense it’s time to transition from takeoff to cruise, as it were. I feel the need to be far more careful with my time and energy, now that I have an idea of where to put both.

Our family vacation last week ended up being very different from my expectations. It was good, just different. I forced myself to disconnect from most everything business-related for a full week. My family deserved that from me. And I needed it more than I knew. Still, vacation came up a day or two short because we were all homesick. For us, being self-sufficient at home is far more enjoyable than being served, at least as a day-to-day lifestyle. I like that about us.

So as I return to the reality of my assignments, I have a renewed desire to fight the current less, and shape it more. It’s one thing to swim across the river, and a far different one to make it change course. The difference is between a few moments and a lifetime. Both are difficult and exhilarating. Only one is long-lasting.

Here’s to the long-lasting.


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