Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 20, 2013

A Great Day

“There’s no such thing as a bad day when there’s a doorknob on the inside of the door.” – Vietnam P.O.W. CDR Paul Galanti, USN (ret.), 6+ years in the Hanoi Hilton

I have a loving, healthy family, fantastic kids who make me proud, work that I love, incredibly thoughtful clients, plans for the future that I’m excited about, an extended church family that loves well – all exceedingly beyond what I deserve.

Financially, I’m lower middle class, and that’s with the aid of others now and again. But I have been made rich in every other way, and in most of the world, I’m rich financially, too.

Complaining about anything is unthinkable – even offensive – at this point.

And one more thing: the doorknob is on the inside of the door.


It’s a great day.

Goodnight America, wherever you are.

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