Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 20, 2013

Pushing The Reset Button

Let me be brutally honest. (For those of you who know me, that’s like saying, “Let me be short with a beard.”)

My failures to restart blogging here in the past come down to two things: Facebook and not having a story to tell.

That’s changing rapidly.

We’ve been here for four years. Based on advice from Steve Meeks years ago, I budgeted 5 for getting settled in. He was very, very right. It’s not that everything is humming and in its place now. It’s that we have a clear vision now of what we need to be doing with this property, with our lives, and with our time.

While Facebook served its purpose for the times we found ourselves in, I think the net effect is that it has made all of us think more highly of ourselves than we should. And if that’s too much for you, then it just applies to me. Particularly, I would rather take a Seth Godin approach to my opinions, beliefs, and observations: if I’m saying something worth saying, and if I’m doing work worth doing, then interested people will find me. Word will spread.

If I have no audience, then I need to keep striving to do something worth talking about. And ideas that help single parents – which is why we moved here – will definitely spread if they work.

Not that public response is the measure of success or accomplishment. That, too, is a false feeling that Facebook gives. If you have a lot of comments to something you post, it makes you feel more important than you really are. The reality is that anyone can poke a hornet’s nest with a stick (on purpose or not). But it takes far more work to do something that changes the world.

I’d rather die happy rather than popular or famous (not the same things, of course).

As far as our story goes, it has been more about unpacking boxes in the past four years, be it spiritual, familial, or farmial. (That’s right – farmial, as in relating to the farm. Yes, I made that up. Language evolves. Besides, it had to be consistent.) Sure there is some story there, and perhaps it will come out in the conversations to come about how those boxes got unpacked, and what was in them. Indeed, the lessons learned have built the foundation and scaffolding from which we will do great things. We feel completely rooted here, and we needed that stability under us to be able to do anything at all.

The next step in that story looks like this: We’re going to rebuild the building that protects our water pump and water heater, which sits out in what once was a detached garage. It’s actually half of a detached garage, literally sawed in half. The only reason we kept the half we did was to protect our water supply from Old Man Winter. But now, we’re ready, by the grace of God, to begin earth bagging. Go here to learn more: . This will give us an insulated, bullet proof (!), storm-resistant structure for very little money, using simple but rigorous effort.

More than a water closet, though, this will be the test construction for building other structures on the property. Hopefully, the next one will be an apartment on the north side of the property that will allow some single parent out there to live in rent free for awhile as they try to get on their feet. I also want to eventually turn the house into a gatherings-oriented facility.

It’s time to do work. I hope you’ll check in on us now and again to see what’s happening.

Here’s to changing the world.



  1. You can still drive traffic here through FB. I Have a feeling that two things could happen: 1. Facebook make a huge blunder and looses favor or 2. Competition turns it into MySpace and thus irrelevant. I’m betting on the latter. People have gotten a taste of blogging through FB and like it, but there are downsides to putting your opinion out there every day. We talk the talk, but most of the time it’s tmi – and instead of friends valuing your opinions and logically evaluating your stance, we get anger and name calling- putting each other in boxes where we religate the “insane” like digital mental institutions where we didn’t even know we were committed.

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