Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 23, 2013

What Would You Do?

What is a day supposed to look like?

I’m not asking what you have been convinced it should look like. I’m asking you to imagine not a perfect routine, but a wonderful existence.

What does that look like?

Yes, yes, on the beach being fed fruit by an attractive person, with nothing to mow, and no one to answer to.

And on day 30? 360? 1200? Would that still be your answer?

Don’t kid yourself – we all imagine things better than they really turn out to be. But rarely do we realize that changing one little thing could completely change the way we see every day.

What if by the end of October you were able to say one of these things:

“I treated myself to that restaurant I always wanted to visit.”
“I finally read (or finished) that book.”
“I spent an entire Saturday working on a puzzle.”
“I finally called my Mom and told her I loved her.”

Those are great steps. And what about these?:

“I paid for someone else’s meal.”
“I gave that homeless guy twenty bucks.”
“I sent out ten cards to people who needed to be thanked.”
“I played rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock (the dice game) with my kids.”

So many little things, and so much time spent watching TV, or YouTube, or…? Some of us have very little time. The story of America, though, is that many of us waste too much of this precious commodity.

If you’re looking to the future for a comfortable existence that serves just you, I would argue you’re never going to get it, because the circumstances will never be good enough. Yes, read that book. Yes, listen to that music. Yes, take a vacation to the beach. But let life be about how to live in all moments, and you will find yourself doing those things to engage life, rather than to escape from it.

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