Posted by: Brad Stanford | September 24, 2013

How Bad Do We Want It?

Oil from plastics – it’s a great step. The purists (the no-plastics-whatsoever types) will hate it, thinking that this will be a new market for plastics, and therefore more will be made, but I don’t think that will be the net effect in the long term. This is precisely the type of positive step that the world not only needs, but is chomping at the bit to handle. A new industry, a new way to see things, a new way to think, a refreshing approach that is neither a “quit cold turkey” nor a “give us your money and we’ll take care of it” proposition. It is – amazingly – one thing that can change how the entire world thinks and acts overnight.

One thing I would expect from this, though, is for governments to hate it. They have invested in the trading of oil. This cuts not only into their profits, but their power. It has been shown over and over that this cannot be allowed. (For instance, check on the remaining countries that have not been trading in petro dollars, and see if they have been invaded lately, or are being threatened with invasion.)

In addition, if oil-based governments start to get their hands into this, it will mean disaster. First, governments add cost to everything. Secondly, they regulate things until they have control of the technology, or no one gets to use it. Lastly, they will put a lot of extra taxpayer money into weaponizing it, or making it “battlefield-ready”. While that might be a wise step down the road, that’s not the first thing money should be spent on when it comes to defense (or offense, as the case has been lately).

This is not some “run your car on water” kind of scam. This is taking an oil-based product and extracting some oil back from it. This should please both the bean (money) counters and the CO2 (plant food) counters.

And we should do our best to make sure that our governments do not get involved too early, if at all.


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