Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 3, 2013

Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

It’s difficult for analyzers like myself to see people I know and love get fooled to the point of digressing to name calling and making poor judgements about the motivations of others.

It’s a relatively new concept for most, but the Republican/Democrat Left/Right Blue/Red paradigm is long dead. There is only one fight being fought right now and it’s authoriarianism vs freedom. I even heard that Drudge tweeted something to that effect recently.

Well, no matter who says it, it’s true.

If you’re still stuck in the 1984 plot line of which side of the artificially-perpetual conflict is winning today, please note you no longer need to be. The curtain has been pulled back, and The Great And Powerful Oz is actually both Republican and Democrat, and he is happy to keep you busy with this illusion while he does whatever he wishes with the money he has stolen from you while you were distracted.

There is no left and right. There are free men, and men who want to be told what to do. There are those who wish to defend themselves, and those who wish to be defended. There are those who are happy when they have something to accomplish, and those who are only happy if it has all been accomplished for them.

These two sides have such different definitions of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that they would need a summit meeting simply to define terms. Only then could they speak clearly to each other, and that assumes that they would want to.

I’m afraid that without a moral compass, Americans have very little capacity for cool calm negotiations. The patience and grace it takes to talk to someone whom you vehemently disagree with is lacking in the extreme.

We don’t need more compromise. We need more willingness to understand.

But, the iceberg has been hit, and the water is rushing in.

Now, we wait.



  1. Brilliant. And frighteningly true.

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