Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 4, 2013

Deciding On Priorities

This is a constant exercise for every part of life. If planning is setting a black hole somewhere in the universe ( see: ), then prioritizing declares which black hole to throw out first.

As I was reading a discussion from my industry about UUID’s, I really wanted to be apart of it – not just a part, a player. I had that human reaction of “I’d like to be known in that group by name – and I know I’m capable of that.”

Yet, upon further reflection, it wasn’t worth the time to me. With the demands of family, property, business, and community, I couldn’t see adding the demands of pushing yet another envelope for myself.

Honestly, I’m happier flying a model plane around my yard than being accepted by other intelligent people who might well forget my name in short order, much less my accomplishments.

And if I can’t give the people I care most about the time and attention they need, why fight to give it to strangers? That’s not how I want to be.

No – at this age, I have nothing to prove. There are some accomplishments I want to achieve for myself, but as for anything else, I’m really not that motivated.

Besides – I have this crazy idea that if i do what I love and want to do on this earth in my own unique way, it will add to the overall net effect of people on planet earth. And if I want to do it regardless of the approval or recognition from others, then I’m probably on to something good.


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