Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 8, 2013

Milk The Cows

Stuart Veldhuizen, local maker of artisan raw milk cheeses, once told me the secret to his success is to milk the cows. If he (or someone in the family) didn’t get up to milk the cows, then the possibilities of income are reduced significantly. Selling raw milk requires milk. Making cheese requires milk. Producing amazing yogurt requires – guess – milk.

You can decide to not bottle the milk, or not make the cheese or yogurt, sure. But you’ve already killed the possibilities of doing any of them by not milking the cows.

If you’re wanting to clarify what you need to do everyday, figure out what your “milk the cows” job is. What causes everything else to be set into motion? Do that, religiously, with much passion.

Milk the cows.

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