Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 10, 2013


I’ve written before about how aiming at your target is not as effective as aiming through it. This is a known mechanic in fighting – if you aim for something behind the person you’re trying to hit, then your hit will have maximum impact, rather than be on the downside of decreasing energy, as your fist/foot extends to maximum.

Or something like that.

This principle holds true for life goals as well. If you want to do something, plan on doing something bigger. Doing this causes a faith cascade.

See, most of the time, it’s not that people we’re incapable, it’s that we’re scared. “No, I’m not! I just don’t have the money! Or the time!” Yes, yes. Keep telling yourself that…if you want to get absolutely nothing done. Very few people EVER start with the resources they need to do something. And since resources are available, that means that acquisition of resources solves that problem. So it’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that someone has decided to not acquire the resources.

“But my job only pays so much, and I don’t even have any savings, and…”

The problem here is thinking that getting something done is going to come out of your existing budget. This is planning based on what you have, instead of what is available out there, somewhere. Think like this: having income that barely covers your expenses (if that) is the scaffolding from which you can build relationships that will get your project done.

The first thing I do if I’m serious about something is start asking my closest friends what they think of the idea. This leads to connections, which leads to help, which leads to answers, which leads to the project starting. And just like that, the faith to start has been attained.

Next – seek out others who have done something similar, and get a reality check. If you’re faint of heart, be prepared. Giants are big. But if you look around, you’ll start to see that it’s possible. Faith hurdle number two is cleared.

Take what you learn, and try something on a small scale. If I have a new airplane design, then I’m going to build a radio-controlled model and prove it works. If I want to build a house, I’ll build a little foamboard model of it (or something) to be able to show everyone, “This is what I want to do.” Holding your dreams in your hands in model form gives you stamina. Faith hurdle number three is serviced.

All along the process, you go bigger, and create more inertia. Pretty soon, even if you die, the project finishes itself (to a point).

But that’s a concern that few people need to deal with. 98% of people need to deal with getting started. You need to throw that first punch, and that first punch needs to be aimed at something past getting started.

Sketch it, make it, plan it, call people, ask for help, drive there, buy the part you can afford and look at it every day, build something, talk to someone. Drink water for a month and save all the money that would have purchased beverages. Play your songs for every last friend that will listen. Ask someone for their pants, add some amazing artwork to them, and give them back. Take an elderly person on their errands. Grab that book and read one page. Buy the magazine to get some ideas. Get the shovel, and start digging. Write the first paragraph of that letter.


Yes, you have no way to finish right now. Yes, you will have to change course as you go. Yes, it’s too big for you by yourself. Yes, it’s a crazy idea, and no one will understand until it’s done. Of course it’s going to be painful, just like giving birth. Yes you will be told no, you will be turned down, you will be at the receiving end of criticism. Yes, you will have to give up chocolate cake (and by giving up I mean change from binging to sneaking). Yes, you will have to give up Facebook. Yes, you will not sleep sometimes. Yes it will be harder than anything you’ve ever done before. Yes, of course it will!

Anything worth doing will be too big, too much, too fast, too slow, too hard, too crazy, too good to be true.DO IT ANYWAY.
No excuses. No waiting. No whining. If I gave you all the money for your project right now, what would you do first? Go figure out how to do that by the end of the month. And don’t tell me that your project doesn’t work that way – you know what I mean! Adjust that idea to what works for you. What is the one thing that you can do, or a friend can do for you, to bring something dream-related into existence that will break your project out of your imagination and into reality?








Show me that you believe in the dream. No one else will until you do.

You can turn the steering wheel all you want, but you can’t change the direction you’re pointing until the car is rolling.

You’re shouting, “No one will turn the car around for me so I can start off pointed in the right direction! That’s why I can’t do anything!

Not true.

Turn the key, put it in gear, and drive. That car is made for turning, and so are lives.

Starting the engine is fairly simple: make a vow, a pact, the strongest possible promise to yourself that you can possibly make that you WILL, every day, do something that reminds your brain of where you’re headed, what you want to accomplish, or the project you want to get done, and if at all possible, you will bring a piece of that dream into reality.

With that engine running, you can at the very least put the car in neutral and roll somewhere.





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