Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 12, 2013

Resting On Our Laurels

There is enough human history in video form to last us each a lifetime of watching. OK, so that’s a guess, but I’m pretty sure we could all watch something new each day and not run out.

In fact if the whole world simply had a final film festival celebrating what had been accomplished on the earth so far, and just watched and watched and watched to the point that civilization just didn’t continue, it wouldn’t be unusual to me. You could think, “Wow – that was all great, and life’s getting harder – why not go out while it’s all still good?” Good being relative, of course. It would be like the Police disbanding before being forced to make 1986 versions of all their songs. (Instead, only Don’t Stand So Close To Me suffered that fate.)

It would simply be a going-away party for the world, as we watch the first recorded images, through to the Spruce Goose flight, on up to the latest movies, car races, and fail compilations, and concerts.

In fact, I would spend a grand majority of that reflection time watching bootleg copies of “VH1’s Behind The Music” on YouTube. Band stories from my era are important to me for three reasons: 1) to peel back the facade that was built around bands in the late 70s through the 80s, 2) to serve as a reminder for how short and volatile life is, and 3) to inspire me to do what I’m designed to do.

And therein lies the rub. If we all stopped to enjoy what humans have already accomplished, we would deny ourselves the greatest possible human pleasure: living out what we were designed to do.

So yes, peel back the fake entertainment-world layers, so that you’re not pressuring yourself into a mold that doesn’t exist.

Yes, remind your self how short and sweet life is.

Yes, get inspired.

But then don’t forget to go be the best you that you can be today.



  1. Of course, you also mean to watch This Is Spinal Tap. Because that peels back all of those things. Especially #2 above, due to the loss of drummers. 🙂

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