Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 15, 2013

Government Shutdown Questions

I would like to know just how much it cost to produce the play they’re calling “The Government Shutdown”.

From erecting barricades on land that’s always open 24/7, to printing closed signs, to removing handles from water fountains, to sending out goons to jack with people who didn’t play the game (like the guy who tried to mow the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial), what was the actual cost?

And where did we get the money to do all this stuff?

And why didn’t the government actually shut down? How come it was only the parts of the government that people interact with? That one’s pretty simple. Actually shutting everything down would have given us the greatest opportunity to figure out how we could live without them.

And right now, they are really trying to sell the “You need us” argument. Like in V For Vendetta:

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