Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 22, 2013

Be You, And Change The World

…even if you think you’re not doing anything world-changing.

Changing the world is both a long game and a short game. The short game would be something like Apple Computer’s developments within a 50-year time span, or the tech-pushing era from the experimental jets to the rocket flights (1950 – 1970). These are highly-visible activities with immediately-measurable results.

The long game, though, is not as sexy. The long game is a couple who stays together for 50 years, a farmer who continually turns his plot of land into Eden, or the white-color worker who continually paints as a hobby, and no one finds out until he’s long gone how amazing his style was.

The long game is mostly ignored because there seems to be no immediate reward. However, it’s more accurate to say that the reward takes a lot longer to gather. A million-dollar check is different than one-hundred dollars a day for the next 27.4 years. But both add up to the same amount.

America has this tendency to preach that everyone could be Steve Jobs, if each person would just believe in their own abilities. But this is just churnduddle. The truth is, we are each made for a purpose, and living the best life we possibly can is found in being the best us we can possibly be. But the fallout from America’s false message is disappointment, a lack of diligence, and far, far less progress than we would have made as a society had we pursued our own roles, rather than trying to be someone we’re not. If happiness is the ultimate measure, then our current King Of The Mountain doctrine is certainly the most belief system that is the second most opposed to helping us achieve it, second only to utopianism/socialism.

DO NOT listen to the rest of the world. There has never been a you before, so there’s no handbook on how to be you. There is one on how to find and achieve your greatest potential, but no one knows the end of your story but God himself.

And He already made a Steve Jobs. It’s your turn to be the best you that you can possibly be.

Put another way: the only way you could fail at changing the world, is not being you.

So be you, and change the world.


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