Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 4, 2013

Snatching Opportunity Out Of The Jaws Of Chaos

Whenever there is a departure from your plan, it can be a shock to your expectations. Over the years, God has taught me to view such moments as opportunities. Perhaps there are changes that need to be made, but the current circumstances don’t allow for them. However, when things fall apart, the circumstances are no longer the same, and quite often, that is the very time to regroup.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to get over the shock of things falling apart to be able to plan clearly. But guess what? In this life, we have ample opportunity to learn how to react when things don’t go quite right, because things often don’t go quite right. So if you failed the test last time, I’m quite confident you’ll get to take it again!

Life is naturally unstable, meaning that when things start to go wrong, things tend to accelerate quickly in that direction. Making things go right is a lot of work, and rarely gets that same cascade effect. It’s akin to standing on top of a basketball and keeping your balance. All the work goes into maintaining the vertical, while everything else fights against you.

However, if you understand that life is not about maintaining a balanced position but enjoying whatever position you’re in, it becomes easier to see and take opportunities when circumstances are less than ideal. Your insides become far more even-keel, even though the outside world never does.

So shake off that shock – or have someone shake you out of it – and look for even the remotest possibility. You might find your worst day is also your luckiest day.


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