Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 7, 2013

Two Bads Do Make A Good

I’ve always been a fan of Bad Lip Reading, but this rip on A Game Of Thrones is most excellent on four levels at once: 1) Revealing the movie trailer formula; 2) the concept of the story, which could stand on its own; 3) the bad lip reading itself; 4) tapping into the peak of pop culture to do it all:

And I was reminded of Bad Lip Reading because I was performing a search for Bad Loop on YouTube. I listened to Bad Loop & Recue Live at the Sundance Festival 2005 religiously back in 2005/2006. (I downloaded from, here:, mp3 version here: ). Bad Loop is the artist that made me aware of the IDM/Downtempo world. And it all started with the song 50mikrog from 2003 (heard on some internet station that no longer exists):

With my double-dose of Bad, I”m feeling pretty good.

Hope that helps.


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