Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 18, 2013

Monday Thoughts

If you want to feel as good as you did at some point in the past, you’ll have to do something different in the future.

That moment in time that was exciting, overwhelming, new, surprising, wonderful, a culmination – and can’t be repeated. There might be a moment like it, but it will never be the same amount of any of those things. It’s like swinging a pendulum from the tip of your nose: the pendulum will never swing that high again.

We lock ourselves into thinking that if next weekend can just be like last weekend (or that weekend two years ago) that we will be happy again. But a happy life does not mean working 90% of your time to get to the 10% that’s awesome.

Happiness is not a response to events, but a choice of attitude.

There can still be high points along the way, and there should be. But the high points are bonuses, not goals.

To rework a saying of Jesus, if your job causes you to get stuck in the 90/10 loop, cut it off! It’s better to live happily than to die wishing you had.


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