Posted by: Brad Stanford | November 21, 2013

Distraction Or Deception?

If everything we want to do is a distraction from what we’re supposed to do, shouldn’t we all agree to flip that?

The next great things are going to be those that meld fun with the requirements of staying alive. Much of the current system is precisely the opposite, which is why it is destined to be replaced.

If making music, dancing, partying, gaming, or reading books paid the rent and put food on the table, would you participate?

Just like long ago the early risers got up before the late risers and voted on the start time of the business day, the “make profit, not life” people had a similar meeting, and voted to make sure the majority of everyday was difficult, and only parts of the day – maybe – could be enjoyable. This is the great deception.

I would really like to do something about this. I think I will dwell on it for a few days, and see if I can come up with something.

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