Posted by: Brad Stanford | December 16, 2013

It Just Doesn’t Work

I’m not sure how many times this has to be said before it’s heard, but I will be one of the ones that continues saying it.

You can’t make global policies that work for everyone.

Monetary policies, gun policies, food production policies – you name it. The smaller the geographical footprint of a given policy, the better. Just in the state of Texas alone, it’s silly to try and conceive and implement a policy that applies to Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio equally. The cultures have similarities, but the differences can be enormous as well.

A good analogy would be declaring that since seat belts save lives, every vehicle must have one, including motorcycles, bicycles, sleds, horse-drawn carriages, etc.

It is possible for thoughtful humans to make thoughtful policies. But invariable those put in charge of policies are not thoughtful. They are salespeople who know how to live off of taxpayers, and know nothing about wise governance.

However, if you’re job is to govern people who are stupid enough to elect selfish salespeople to positions of power, then I suppose all bets are off.

The truth remains, though, that one policy rarely, if ever, fits all.

(If you believe in one policy fitting all, then you can achieve the same effect by convincing lots of little entities/cities/states to adopt the same policy. It’s more work, but you’ll end up being respected rather than hated at the end.)


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