Posted by: Brad Stanford | January 4, 2014

The End Of Not Helpful

I received an email today that was one of those health warnings. “NEVER eat this one thing if you want to live!” with a link to a website to hear more about this killer food.

You know what? That’s not helpful. Helpful is one of my friends saying, “Hey – have you seen the latest on high-fructose corn syrup? Our family has stopped eating anything with that junk in it.” Not helpful is, “Hey – do you want the secret to life? Then get in this unmarked van with no windows, and I’ll give you the candy…I mean…information!”

Just as children can be taught not to get in the van, so can we. We can choose to end the distractions without passing legislation, or telling someone else what to do. We can tell ourselves what to do – just say no to unhelpful markerters.

Yes, sometimes I repeat myself.

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