Posted by: Brad Stanford | January 9, 2014

The Specialness Of Things

There was a time when getting your picture made was special. Better yet, getting your picture made with some famous person or at some famous place was indeed magical.

There was a time, too, where swinging was important work, swimming was an adventure, and a kite narrowly rescued from an impact with a tree was heroism.

A neighborhood getting together to celebrate a holiday was a reverent act full of frivolity.

Learning to drive a stick was a right of passage.

Ballroom dancing was barely moral.

Innocence has been lost, to be sure. But Specialness – holding a person, place, or event in high regard, and treating it carefully – that is an attitude and a choice.

Now if you treat the special as sacred – something with specialness that will never change – you will find yourself disappointed by subsequent generations who don’t see things your way.

But if you consider things to be special simply within your lifetime, they become even more special. The proverbial icing on the cake. And those special events will inspire the upcoming generations to find their own special people/places/events.

I might have overused a particular word here, but perhaps that is out of a sense that it has not been used properly in a long time.

It is possible to bail out of the current societal airplane that is fueled by fatalistic and hopeless thoughtlessness. It is possible to return safely to the ground full of wonder, amazement, and fun, utilizing a parachute of truth.

And yet, no matter how safe the transition, no matter how well prepared you are, that first step is going to be unnatural, scary, and difficult.

It’s easier to stay with everyone else. It’s more comfortable being told what to do. It’s far less stressful to give in than to get out.

But don’t do it.

Choose life.

And make it special.

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