Posted by: Brad Stanford | April 3, 2014

You Are Good Enough

While waiting on this import to get done, I realize that I actually have a few seconds to return to the blogosphere. That assumes, of course, that I have something valuable to say.

Which is why I find myself not blogging up to the expectations of the “experts”. There was this idea for awhile that quantity was just as important as quality. That real people have lots of stuff to say, and all of it is interesting. And if not, you should fake it till you make it.

I have found this idea to be a real time waster. If you’re not wasting your time writing things that should not be written, you’re wasting time spinning your wheels figuring out what to write. The truth is most of our lives are neither interesting nor entertaining on an hourly basis. The end story might be, but let’s be real. Sitting here typing doesn’t make for good television.

Remembering that these “experts” give such advice with a goal in mind – making themselves out to be experts, or sharing tips for accomplishing the same schedule-filled lifestyles in the pursuit of…what exactly? – I end up returning to one singular thought:

I don’t care.

I will write what I want, when I think it’s wise to write it. I will say what I want when I think it’s wise to say it. I will write as much or as little or as often as I so desire. I will prefer to live life than writing it down. But when I have a moment, I will say something that I wish to say.

It is difficult to free one’s mind from all the influences that are telling us we aren’t good enough. But if no one will say it, I will: you are a great you. Be you. I wish on you the joy of doing more than merely existing, but if that’s all you’ve got, I want you to exist the heck out of this life. Be you as you wish to be you.

You are good enough.

You can be better, sure. But you’ve made it this far, and you’re still alive. You have nothing left to prove. If you wish to be better in some way, great! But pursue that for your own sake, not for the approval of others.

That doesn’t san other lives will not influence you. That doesn’t mean I think everyone should be goal-free. On the contrary, and ironically, choosing to live goal-free is a goal. So I guess you can’t do that. The point is, you have to decide who you are, what you believe, and what you want to do. Then be and do that.


At your own pace.

Let the patterns of this world be the backdrop that you stand out against, if you wish to stand out. Be a master of the patterns if you wish to blend in. Or pick some color in between. Just own it.

Commit to the dive. Don’t try to change dive in mid-dive. That usually ends in a belly-flop. And pain. But doing what you’re made to do (while requiring a different kind of pain called “effort”), will end with fewer regrets and far more high-fives with more people who value you for who you are.

Thanks for being you.

And remember to ignore the marketers as often as possible. :^)


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