Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 8, 2016

Thankful For Seasons

Everything comes and goes. Nothing stays the same, just similar. While the good seasons make me wish that seasons were longer, bad seasons remind me that a universal time limit is probably a very good thing.

2016 has proven itself to be a most uncouth year. And as impolitely as it arrived, it will probably leave in an a manner that is just as strange. I am mindful of the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” I’m definitely a fan of a more boring world, which would actually create a scaffolding for great adventure.

The reality check I ran into was when I found myself looking forward to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was great growing up, but it was supposed to grow up with me, not stay locked in 1950. That’s another issue that I’ll address later. Anyway, as I found myself wishing for Christmas before Halloween, I knew I was in a Twilight Zone episode.

Originally I thought it was just me having a bad year, but come to find out the entire world is having a bad year to top off a bad decade. If you’ve kept up with history, you know that pressure that builds has to be released, and it has most certainly started. But it’s nowhere near done yet, and the election season is going to prove to be the giant release valve that gets opened very quickly and violently. We thought the old Bush/Gore recount was drama enough, but I think that episode will be eclipsed by what is to come this year.

Whatever happens, it’s looking like a frying-pan-to-fire scenario, so there will probably be no rest for the weary in the short term. Long term, we’re due for a reset. The inability of the boomer generation to continue playing the current game will go a long way towards that. But we’ll still have to deal with the fallout of decisions that are being made right now.

But this, too, shall eventually pass. It just won’t be fast enough for my liking.


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