Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 11, 2016

My Kind Of Rebellion

The teenage rebellion stage is a widely-recognized phase of American life. Styles, words, movies, music – they all reflect this period of time where truth about the world begins to make itself known, trust in the established order of things dissolves, and something – anything! – must be done to prove that manipulation of life will not be tolerated.

Or some variation of that.

My version of it was relatively boring. It consisted mostly of ignoring homework in favor of studying Burt Rutan’s airplanes and aircraft engineering in general. And also taking on any adults or systems who were causing problems in our lives by them playing the fool in my presence, which I did not pity. But the point is, there were plenty of systems and injustices to rebel against then, and there are far more now.

So as I look around at what the world is becoming, I feel the rebellion on behalf of Truth, Justice, and the American Way rising up once again. And I have a plan that they’ll never see coming, because it’s not something they would ever think of.


Yes, goodness. Not just being “good”. Goodness in the sense that everything should make people say, “Wow. That’s good.”

What this looks like is simple: instead of complaining about Millennials lacking wisdom, I’ll teach the ones around me. Instead of expecting the next generations to conform themselves into the system I’m stuck in, I will help them make sure that they have the opportunity to escape. Instead of telling them they have to vote for the lesser of two evils, I’ll explain to them how that’s how we got here in the first place, and it killed our country. (And besides, the voting system is rigged anyway.) Yes, let’s share houses and property and food, but at the same time let’s grow out of the need to receive and become generous givers ourselves by working hard do things that matter. And instead of just giving people fish, let’s teach them to fish.

I would not be here without the grace of God through the people around me. I have received so much from others! And yet, those that have given to me didn’t want me to just receive. They want me to be so profitable that i can help others and make them profitable. It’s called community. And it works.

If those of my generation will sacrifice everything we think we deserve to make the next generation the Greatest Generation II, then we won’t end up sacrificing anything at all. It’s a win-win. We’ll reap what we sow, be it goodness, or selfishness.

What’s encouraging to me is that I know I’m not the only rebel out there. There are so many of you waiting for the right time to do the same thing. Well, that time is now! As the old generation is collapsing in a grotesque whirlpool of infighting (and trying to take us down with it), the best thing to do is rebel with goodness. Let’s make goodness fashionable and it will strip the rug of power out from under the powers that be without them knowing what happened.

Don’t wait on the solution, you are the solution. Within 24 hours of reading this, do something generous or amazing or gracious.

Rebel, people!



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