Posted by: Brad Stanford | October 22, 2016

Lesser Of Two Evils

Ah, yes. The battle cry of those whose chosen candidate has no good qualities, but want their team to win.

Yes, it is that simple.

“The stakes are high for this election!” they say.

No, not at all.

The stakes were high when people were transitioning from keeping their government at bay to trusting their government to be both Jesus and Santa Claus. Notice the data for trust in government from Pew Research:


By the time we hit 1958, we lost this current election. That amount of trust in government turned 182 years of America’s existence on its head.

“An enlightened people, and an energetic public opinion will control and enchain the aristocratic spirit of the government.” –Thomas Jefferson to Chevalier de Ouis, 1814. ME 14:130

All we have now is energetic public opinion, in which is found little – if any – enlightenment. But how did we get here? Of course, history is messy. All of the factors that got us here are definitely beyond the length of this blog. But the one factor that makes or breaks the entire discussion is trust in government.

By the time we reach 1964, all of the pieces are in place for a national coup. Whether it was serendipity or an assassination organized by a shadow government, JFK’s death was the disaster that was taken advantage of to release the government from the bonds of civil restraint as described by Jefferson. Note the high level of trust at the beginning of Johnsons’ presidency. This allows you to create false flag events like the Gulf Of Tonkin, which plunged us headlong into the Vietnam war:

The administration’s zeal for aggressive action, motivated by President Johnson’s election worries, created an atmosphere of recklessness and overenthusiasm in which it became easy to draw conclusions based on scanty evidence and to overlook normally prudent precautionary measures. Without the full picture, Congress could not offer the checks and balances it was designed to provide. Subsequently, the White House carried the nation into the longest and one of the most costly conflicts in our nation’s history. – U.S. Naval Insitute

That’s a very diplomatic way of saying that the government took advantage of the people’s trust to proceed without the people’s full enlightenment and energetic public opinion.

Which is what they have continually done ever since.

Any American generation that is well educated could have stood up to their government and restrained it to its constitutional duties with Jeffersonian chains. However, rather than rallying to do that, the American people have been controlled via this two-party “election” system. The masses are just now finding out that the elections have been rigged for the last fifty years. But anyone who has tried to support and defend the constitution from any walk of life in the last twenty years figured that out long ago.

If this rigging revelation is news to you, or you have dismissed it as the ravings of the uneducated, consider yourself part of the problem.

Additionally, if you don’t know about the Battle of Athens, TN (, you may also consider yourself part of the problem. Our WW II veterans tried to teach us how to handle corrupted officials. I wish we had learned from them. Perhaps we still can.

Corruption is not a condition of politicians alone, since those politicians come from the citizenry at large. It is no more wise to search for political candidates in the current America than it is to search for police academy candidates solely within the prison system.

The current government will choose its own successor. This, of course, will cause the portion of the masses who supported the “losing” candidate to be angry at those who “caused” government to become even more corrupted. But that battle had been lost by 1964. And every American since then has had the duty to reverse that situation. But the prior generations (and now, this one) defaulted to trusting the “system”, not understanding that by definition there are no procedural systems outside of human interaction. The system is corrupt because it reflects the people that make it up.

While the chart shows trust in government as the lowest since 1964 (19% avg in 2015), the civil habits of US citizens march on like it’s 1958. It’s so bad that those of us who wish to return to the support and defense of the constitution find ourselves ridiculed as utopian, uneducated, or worse, even by those who claim to be “conservative”.

Proof: all I have to do to trigger a conservative bar fight is to say the words “Ron Paul”, the name of one of the last of the Constitutional politicians. (Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie are trying, but it’s too late now.) The point is, when someone who claims to be conservative calls someone who supports Constitutional policies “crazy” – essential admitting that the Constitution is crazy – something has gone very wrong.

(Those who self-identify as “progressives” see Ron Paul as a Don Quixote of sorts, and not even worthy of talking about, further proving the point.)

It would be natural if the two parties found their differences in being for or against the Constitution. But both of them are now firmly against it, since both desire to have government operate far outside its Constitutional borders.

The long march to freedom can be trudged out once again. But I am mindful of the words of John Adams as he closes a letter to Abigail:

Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.


Dear Mr. Adams:

It is with great sadness that I must report to you the death of the United States of America. Great corruption has swept over it like a plague. Adults converse with each other as if they were children. Reason has become scarce. Vengence characterizes our politics. And the central government, full of the worst of us, continues to ignore its people, wisely increasing its level of tyranny daily at such a slow rate that it actually has the masses fooled into thinking there is none.

Citizens who do not have the freedom that you most certainly imagined and attained are proclaiming they have it, not knowing that what they call “freedom” you would call “tyranny”.  Indeed! You would not stand for a tax that you had no say in. These people beg for taxes to be placed upon them! It is a most disgusting manipulation of the uneducated. It is unbearable to watch, as you know.

In truth, America fell ill in 1913. After that, the methods of subtly manipulating the system from the inside became apparent, and evil men began their assent to power. By 1964, evil men (now called “good”) had the crowds cheering for them. They wisely caused the people to fight amongst themselves over who was “better”, calling it “the lesser of two evils”. They made sure the masses learned to ridicule those who stood for what you stood for. At the end, they labeled the cure the disease, and the disease the cure.

The country died confused, not knowing the difference between good and evil, life and death.

I apologize for brining you the news this way, Mr. Adams. But I thought you should know. I, for one, am very grateful for your efforts to establish what was the greatest country on earth. You and your compatriots have given the greatest contribution to science and anthropology ever given, at a costly price. You have proven once and for all that humans, left to their own devices, will give up the rights given to them by God himself in exchange for a crust of bread, a drop of water, and an abusive nanny.

There is a remnant. But it is just now waking up. I will write to you again when it’s fully awake. Your country has died, Mr. Adams. But your ideas have not. That is the extent of the comfort I leave with you.


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