Posted by: Brad Stanford | January 30, 2017

Angry Monday

Monday has been angry today. But it’s not really Monday’s fault.

It started last week. At the last minute, we were invited to be subjects in a world-famous photography boot camp. We had been subjects two years prior, but couldn’t do it last year for some reason. So this year we were very excited to be able to participate again.

However, this meant hat we had not planned around it. We had very much a normal schedule in a very abnormal situation, and that lead to tripping over some things, so to speak. So this week already had pressure on it to account for that.

Then, this weekend’s schedule was changed. Instead of going to our normal church this weekend, we set to to check of one of my life list items, which was to see T.D. Jakes in person at the Potter’s House. It was a really great trip! But the two-hour drive there and back made for a less than restful Sunday, and left far less time for thinking through the next week than I usually have.

To relax, I worked on our house plans, but ran into a rendering error that took longer to fix than I expected. This caused me to stay up later than expected, which is always something that throws everything else off.

Since i stayed up late, I didn’t light a fire in our fire place. I checked the temperature, and it was only 51°. My threshold for a fire is 45°, and it wasn’t going to get there until 3am. What I forgot to check is the wind. If the wind is blowing and there’s no fire drafting air up and out, then it’s all down and in. This allowed the cold wind to blow down the pipe all night, making it 60 degrees in my living room by the time I got up.

Additionally, I forgot to bring firewood into the house. Now I had to get up on a cold, blowing, Monday morning and go straight outside.

Then, I found out we were almost out of matches. At least, I  thought we were. My wife found some later, but all i could find at the time were two almost-empty fold & light cardboard  matches. And I didn’t have light enough kindling to be lit by one of those, because I forgot to bring that in too. I eventually went through all of them without having a fire lit, and resorted to a birthday candle lit by our gas stove.

When I finally did get something to light, it didn’t make enough heat fight the wind coming down the pipe, so it started filling the living room with smoke. This meant that I had to open the outside door to equalize the pressure, making it even colder on the inside.

In the meantime, I moved one of our heaters into the bathroom. I usually use the heater out of my office, but on this particular night, the kids had slept upstairs with us. So my son’s heater was available from his room. This meant i could continue to warm my office and the bathroom at the same time. That is, until i found out that his heater drew so much current it kept tripping the breaker in the bathroom. Troubleshooting meant running outside – again – to the breaker box to flip the breaker back on. More cold. More failure.

I got the message after three breaker trips, and decided to do what I normally do and move my heater in from my office. Except, it’s been giving me trouble lately, and sometimes won’t turn on after you move it. Which is exactly what happened this morning.

I had to call my wife down to help with the fire because she knew were everything was – paper, extra matches, etc. She got it lit pretty quick with me manning the cold open door making sure the cats didn’t run in.

Ans that was just the start to the day.

There was, of course, some other things that changed my plans throughout the day. Even now, I was supposed to read to the kids 30 minutes ago, but I’m still waiting fro them to get their stuff done and be ready. So I came to finish this up.

Everyone has days like this. While everyone is displaying their high notes on social media, I’m content to be here, with you, in the real world, reminding you that we’re all in this together. We have good days and bad days, and just some normal days.

Monday was angry, today. An I’m sure there will be an angry Monday again. But I will keep going, knowing that everything cycles. There is yin and yang, ebb and flow. Since Monday is now out of the way, it has made room for a better day tomorrow.

Upon further review, a better day happens when I do what I know to do. No laziness, no giving up early. Always finish strong, and enjoy the power in those little things that keep the machine well-oiled. The alternative is not worth the momentary lapse of energy.



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