Posted by: Brad Stanford | February 25, 2017

Back From The Dark Side Of The Moon

Sorry for the delay in posting, recently. I hope you’re still up for some life observations and encouragement. In that vein, I have three posts for you: one about what your life is for, one discussing rising above, and one about turbulence.

I see my job as that of a photographer. I’ve said before that I like and dislike photos for the exact same reason – they show me incredible moments in time that I missed. I see my reflections on life in the same way. I offer you images and angles seen as only I can see them. And like any other art, the intent is reflection, increased awareness of the world, and a vehicle for exploring yourself.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to me and why you haven’t heard from me lately, start with Turbulence. Otherwise, enjoy the freedom to receive encouragement in any order you wish.


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