Posted by: Brad Stanford | June 10, 2017

A Great Bike Ride For A Great Cause

My wife is the Administrator of an organization called Kids Across Cultures ( This is what they do:

Our Purpose: Help That Enables

We don’t want to help change circumstances; we want to help change lives. KAC has no desire to provide services that breed dependence, or offer a quick fix. Aiding children through opportunities for good health, education, and economic development, is viewed as an investment in their future ability to help themselves and others.

One of the biggest ways they are helping right now is to provide water filters for people who desperately need them. In support of that mission, they have an annual bike ride through Erath county called Tour De Agua ( That bike ride happened today, and it was amazing!

We had 250 riders that participated in this incredible opportunity to help others simply by enjoying what they already do while being pampered by the KAC staff.

Not only was the ride incredible, but Dublin Bottling works released new flavors today, including Red Cola, Grapefruit soda, and an out-of-the-park little number called Green Apple:

Not only is the soda flat-out amazing, but Old Doc’s soda shop had the brilliant idea to do caramel-green apple sundaes and floats. HO. LEE. COW. That right there is worth a trip to Dublin, to taste something you won’t taste anywhere else!

Go visit , then make arrangements to visit Old Doc’s Soda Shop this summer to get an old-fashioned taste of summer delivered straight to your taste buds.

You can thank me when you get here.


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